The end of the line?

I met a girl online and we hit it off straight away in our messages. Messaged for about 2-3 weeks then called to set up a date. We chatted easily, she text to say it was nice chatting and she was looking forward to meeting.

We met up and had a great time and got on really well. (at least as far as I could tell we did). We chatted about about 3 hours. It got late so we had to leave.

I text her that evening to see she got home safe and I had had a good time and did she want to meet again. She text back saying she didn't see it working out because of the distance (we live about two hours drive apart). This is strange because she hadn't mentioned distance once and obviously knew where I lived. I replied saying I would be willing to put in the effort but she replied saying she had done LDR before and didn't see it working.

It's strange because I can't think of one thing I did wrong one the date or get one signal from her it wasn't going well.

So is this the end of the line for this one?



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  • Sounds like she's using it as an excuse to stop speaking to you. Although nothing might have "gone wrong" she just might not be that into you. But I'm sure there are lots of wonderful girls that would be lucky to have you so move on and keep looking :)

    • @ Anonymous User - You might be right but we got on so well. In fact it was like talking to a friend I had known for years because we got on so well. She seemed eager to talk, played with her hair/earrings which I took as a good sign and she didn't make excuses to leave. So if she was just stringing me along she put on a VERY good act of appearing interested.

      My head is saying if she was interested she might give it a go so she probably isn't interested. But my heart is saying there must be so

    • I understand where you are coming from and I can understand your confusion. But I'll tell you as someone who has been in this type of situation before, it sounds like she didn't "dislike" you meaning you didn't do anything to offend her or creep her out. She sounds like a nice girl so she didn't want to be rude and probably enjoyed your company while you were out with her. But she didn't see you as "the one" as in the one she wants to date.

    • I think the last poster is right. It's hard though because she was by far the best person I have met online dating and the one I got on with so easily.

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