Guys: I'm so confused. What is this?

Okay so I like one of my friends and I don't know if he likes me in return. Well the other day I texted him around like noon. Well he couldn't talk long because he had somewhere to be, but he told me that he'd message me later. And he did, like as soon as he got home (probably like 6pm ish). Anyway, we ended up talking for hours straight, and I mean hours haha. Eventually I fell asleep and he did the same.

This has been happening every few days ever since we last hang out. Ge doesn't let the conversation die and he even apologized for not texting me back right away.

Anyway, so I messaged him the other day and it said he read it on Facebook, but he never responded (first time he's really done that), and no I'm not one of those psycho girls haha.

But I'm confused as to why he'd talk to me for hours and then pretty much ignore me. Mixed signals maybe? I'm confused.


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  • It seems that he's just busy and all that he can do is read messages.


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