Girls: would you date an atheist?

Almost everyone I talk to from the USA is a Christian / believer in god. But what would you think of a man who were strongly opposed to the idea of god, and why?


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  • Honestly,been there and done that.I'm not sure I would date an atheist again because the ones that are terribly adamant about it,seem to be so damn bitter and unhappy.Also,anytime I would refer to God or energy/universe,there was always this sense of aggrevation on my former bfs behalf like I was annoying him by referring to god for a small second.And THEN,it turned into him trying sway me to his beliefs which annoyed the heck out of me.Its obnoxious to have an atheists trying to tell me god doesn't exist,(meanwhile I'm not even pushing my views on them)and making me feel like I'm making a poor choice to...BELIEVE.

    Honestly,I need someone on the same page as me.So I doubt I will be dating an atheist anytime soon.

    • Wow lol, sorry for the experiences but I've come across this too

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  • it doesn't matter :)

  • Yes, I have before.. Now, that I think about.. A lot of them were atheists.

    I don't mind it.

  • I'm American and would date an atheist.

  • I would not because we have different views and morals. In the long run, our relationship would fail.


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