Was it a mistake? Should I leave him for good?

I used to go to school with this guy. We met in like 4th grade. I had a crush on him ever since well I didn't know then but he did too. Well he lives about 45 minutes away from me. Tho we never see each other we have been together for almost 3 months. We went from lovey and texting all the time to me being lovey him kinda ignoring it and not texting hardly at all. Well he put a Facebook status about a girl. Said he really liked her and she was cute and just amazing... I confronted him he said it was his cousin and he only loves me. I finally got him to admit he thought another girl was cute, but she didn't compare to me.. I asked him who he wanted to be with and he told me he wasn't going to choose because he only wanted me happy...I felt as if he wanted to bewith her just didn't want to hurt my feelings and he got mad and now he's not talking to me..Was I right? Do you think he's cheating? Should I text him or let him text me?I had a heart attack last night so should I just leave him alone? I don't even know if where broken up...Please help! I am so hurt and confused.

When I mean he said it was his cousin. I meant that his cousin made the status. I can understand accidents happen but if that happened to me I would of deleted it or commented saying it was an accident. He didn't do anything...


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  • I don't want hurt you more but when a guy chose not to answer just because he wants to keep a girl happy this means he might stay with you but with no love or feelings to ward you , I think you should ask him to decide which girl he wanna stay with? and to tell him you are OK with the his answer no matter what it is , Its a win win for you , you will make sure he is not cheating or you gonna start start fresh and just move on . :)

    • Thank you for actually taking this seriously and I did that, but he kept saying he wasn't going to pick and she had nothing in this. so that made me think he's just trying to spear my feelings and I told him that he was making me think that he wanted her and he got mad and wouldn't text me back.

    • If he kept saying she got nothing on this then ask him to introduce you to her and tell him you wanna meet this girl and be even a friend with her ,If he accepted then he is clean :P (not cheating ) but if he decline ask him for the reason and I am sure you will tell if he is cheating or not by his reason . :)

    • Smart :) thanks I will try it :)

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  • Stop worryig so much about what might happen..anything might happen, or might not.

    And don't worry about what he thinks about other girls. He's going to be curious about them, it's totally normal! Doh't get worked up about a guy you barely know!

    • He's probablolying about this incident with his cousin..so don't attach much importance to him.

  • I have never posted on Facebook that a cousin was cute and amazing. You don't even really have a real relationship with him. Just leave him alone.


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