After 5 years or dating, what's the best way to propose? Ladies?

after dating for 5 years this coming July. what would be a really nice evening play out for me to pop the question? Looking for ideas please!

okay, thank you all. we just enjoy hiking just walking around where ever, mall town etc etc. as boring as it sounds it the greatest thing for us. wouldn't it be corny to do it at the place we met?

romantic I figured as much! lol I was actually thinking of doing it while camping funny enough. thank you all. really helped.


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  • It'd be much better for you to plan it yourself. You know her better than we do. :)

    Does she like being the center of attention? If not, then don't do it in a crowded place.

    Is she more serious and romantic, or fun and playful?

    Where did you guys meet? Where was your first date? Your first kiss?

    Is there a trip or adventure she's always wanted to do? Rock climbing? Skydiving? Even just camping? Personally, I would die of happiness if a guy proposed to me while horseback riding.

    And make sure you get your proposal speech all ready. ;) Congrats!

    • speech? lol thanks for the homework haha. thank you.

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  • it has to be really romantic

  • learn how to spell it then hire someone to spell it out in fire works. on July 4th. have a huge barbecue in the yard and eveything

    • i know my spelling sucks, always has. as far as bbq, I would rather wait 15 days and have it on the the 19th that's the date we met!

    • lol oh OK. then fireworks would be tacky. I'm all outta ideas lol

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  • do it somewhere that has meaning to both of you. nowhere cheesy!

    keep it a surprise too!

    if there is a way of getting her ring size (if she wears rings already try to swipe one on the day you're going to buy the ring) then that's a massive bonus!

    if you have a good relationship with her folks, definitely ask her dad- you'll get around a million brownie points lol.


    good luck to you, hope this helped?

    • thanx dude. the problem with the folks are that they are devorced and the dad hasn't spoken to any of them in three years lol. so I was going to get mom and gran parents go a head. that should work? I already know her ring size. one less thing to worry about.

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    • sweet awesome I wana do in on the 19th the day we met 5 years okay. that's not cheesy is it?

    • thats sounds a great idea-you've obviously given this a lot of thought, I'm sure she'll appreciate that its a date you've remembered, and now it'll always have meaning to you both...i would say this though---i wouldn't over-rehearse what you want to say, just let it come from your heart. take some kleenex too, you know how they get lol :)