Have you ever had to deal with a Guy or Girl that would not take NO for an answer?

Have you ever had a guy or a girl hound you, follow you, and pressure you for a date or to date them after you had already told them NO?

How often does it happen to you?

What happened?

How did you handle it?

In public I often have guys hound me if I tell them I'm not interested and get accused of being a lesbian, who hates men. I usually just ignore it and make sure to stay away from those guys in case they assault me.

I had a really scary situation in college. I rejected a guy I had befriended. He started blowing up my phone and Facebook asking Why I won't give him a chance. I told him that we weren't compatible and explained why (our beliefs were completely different). He STILL didn't accept my No and told me I was being closed minded and that I SHOULD CHANGE ME BELIEFS so that we could date. I told him he was creeping me out and blocked him on everything. He starts FOLLOWING ME, finally he confronts men about Why I called him creepy and Why I said that about him and why I've been avoiding him. I told Him that stalking me, and not accepting my boundaries and threatening my safety made him a creep. I told Him I'd have to protect myself if he didn't leave me alone and reached into my pocket. I never saw him again after that, THANK GOD!


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  • I did the stereotypical ghetto hoodrat move and cussed him out and insulted him really bad. I mean the things I said to him were cringe worthy mean


    It sure got him to leave me the hell alone tho. I kinda feel bad about it but then again not really because he shouldn't have been so hardheaded. No means no, next time stop harassing me and don't take my kindness for weakness


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  • My answer from this question: link

    So basically she was a stripper and I was a bouncer. I didn't wanna sleep with her because every night at work I see her grinding and on top of other disgusting men.

    After work hours, she's ALWAYS the last one in the dressing rooms and I get so irritated sometimes that I yell at her because my job was also to get the girls in and out.

    So how did I get her to leave me alone? I basically made a deal, I was like "look, if I f*ck you one time, can you leave me a lone and not be a nuisance?", so yah, she was true to her word.

    • Wow I'm sorry to hear that! That is sexual harassment. I know its harder for guys to get protection in such situations. You should never have to sleep with someone against your will, especially considering you don't know how dangerous the situation could be or get. Women rape, drug, rob, and murder men too.

    • Well don't feel sorry for me lol, I didn't take it as sexual harassment. Sleeping with her against my will was a loss for me, but that wild sex we had was honestly...a win for me lol.

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