I sent crazy text when my ex broke up with me?

Im gonna cut the story short:

I dated I girl for 5 months and about 5 days ago she broke up with me cos I was to needy and I freaked her out and she gave me a really strong impression that she would never want to see me again.On our last chat I called her selfish and sad that if a girl liked me she would wanna talk on the phone with me and text me back after I invited her over mine for dinner.

When I got home I was so hurt that I text her and by the way I got her a present for her b.day few days b4 so I text her:i hope your happy and sorting out your new date for tonight,she replied that she would not mind to give the money and that she hoped I would find a girl that made me happy.i then emailed her:god knows how many people you where with after we met and then another email saying that I trew my sym away so she would never have to speak to me again...

Was only the next day that I came to terms with it and sent her an email saying sorry it happened to fast and that I didn't handle my emotions to well.

I know I acted really bad but does anyone think that she will talk to me if I call her in about 5 weeks?

Thanks for reading


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  • You ARE acting way out of line. JUST STOP.

    she told you, that you were being over bearing, and YOU STILL kept over stepping your boundaries.

    She gave you a chance and you Blew it.

    LEARN FROM IT. Stop calling your girlfriends so obsessively. Learn to give people space to regroup. Some people don't like being around their partner 24/7.

    She offered to pay you back for the gift, and you ended up calling her a Wh*re and trying to bully her.

    Leave her alone before she gets a restraining order against you. She already told you that you were making her feel uncomfortable. You need to respect someone if they tell you NO. She said NO accept it and move on.

    You behavior is Scary to US women. This is the behavior that Stalkers, Murders, and Rapists, use. You don't know when to stop, you don't know when to give people space, and you don't know how to take NO for an answer.

    Don't be a creep please. Just leave her alone and move on. LEARN FROM THIS EXPERIENCE.

    • Thanks for your words washize,i understand where you are coming from.

      From the 5 months I was with her I treated her like a princess I cooked for her I cared for her I gave her more than I have ever given anyone and not once did we argue or did I shout at her I was just caring she just got scared because of her freedon and she is very busy with work so don't think I'm a bad guy I just acted like that because after everything I did she just blew me off giving me the impression me.thanks thou

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    • If you were doing all the work, and making all the plans, then she wasn't as invested and interested in you to begin with. With that being said, You shouldn't want to get into contact with her anyways. She just wasn't that into you.

    • yeah your right,look I know you don't know the whole story but she is like that evan with her family and friends she keeps all her emotions locked in a box.4 days b4 our break was her birthday and her best friend had a chat to me outside the bar we went to and evan she told me that she was fighting on my side of the court so I know I did her good when her best friend is on my side I just hope that will make her think a bit after her anger for me goes away and I really apretiate your time with me

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  • ... I don't know the whole story, but from what it sounds I think you should pay your attention to another girl. If she wants to leave you, what else can you do? Saying sorry and you've changed probably won't convince her. What you need to do is SHOW her that you've changed, by finding another girl, get outside more, and find happiness elsewhere.

    This way you aren't only showing her that you're happy, but yourself most importantly.

    • Thanks for your words mate,i treated her so well for the 5 months and I know no man ever treated her like that I think she needs to remember that and over see my act of panic in one day after 5 months but thanks anyway

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