Will he wake up? I feel so stupid.

He's hung up on a girl stringing him along. We hung out so we could talk because I suspected it, he confirmed it, and I gave my opinion on the situation. 2 years ago they dated for like a month and a half, then she dated someone and is now single again, so she's flirting with him. In my opinion just because he's there and she's not interested in anyone else. In my opinion she's leading him on.

I basically told him that, but let him know that he'll have to realize that for himself before it will matter.

He wanted to hang out still, and I told him no.

I'm hoping he'll wake up, and realize what a mistake he's making. I guess I ended it. I basically said I saw him making his choice, so that was it.

I just turned 23, he's about to turn 25, and she's 19 (close to 20).

I'm not going to wait for him, I don't care if he doesn't end up with me because honestly, I don't want him now. But I want him to wake up.

I left in a hurry, he had both forearms on his truck and watched me leave. He had to work, and I had to get out of there.


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  • I don't think you can wake up him up, like you said he'll just have to realize it himself. It might take a very long time though as people can get really hung up on silly stuff like this. Well done for walking away, if he wants you he can chase you.