She said she'd text me. No text. Why

This girl and were decent friends in high school, and we really started to hang out by the end of sr year. We hung out a few times over the summer and just talked alot. She moved away for college and we talk occasionally. We hung out over Christmas break with a bunch of other friends. Last night she said she wasn't feeling well, I told her to get some sleep and to feel better. she said goonight! ill text you when I wake up and I miss uu. I said I miss you 2 and she sent :)! I sent a :) then she never texted me this morning and I didn't text her. As you guesses I really do like her, and I want to know how she's doing but I don't want to seem desperate.should I text her? is she just teasing me with the miss uu?

Its April now, Christmas break is just the last time we hung out.


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  • It doesn't hurt to just shoot her a text to check up on her. She probably does miss you but maybe she's just a little busy. She is out of state and it is the end of the year. A lot of things to do, finales and projects. Moving her stuff out a dorms. Maybe she's just a little overwhelmed. It doesn't sound like she's teasing you, but there's always two sides to each story. Look back on your last conversation and make sure you didn't accidentally say something to tick her off, but otherwise nothing seems to be out of whack.

  • It is possible she is not feeling good and has been sleeping a lot or something. I would not take it too personal unless she seems to be not keeping plans with you a bunch and does it multiple times. If she does this multiple times (i.e. months) she might be playing mind games with you. She also might think you are chasing after her. She could possibly be just teasing you telling you things you want to her hear and act flaky on purpose.

    Have you hung out with her at all by yourself or just with friends after starting college?


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