Whats your opinion on internet dating?

I'm 20 and newly single (out of a 2 nearly 3 year relationship). To be honest, I'm heartbroken, but that's because I think he's perfect in that he's the only guy who'll text me through the day, spend the night cuddling up to me, put me first etc, when I'm sure that's pretty normal relationship stuff (when you like each other at least). I don't know that though because I haven't had that experience, I'm hoping it's true. Plenty of guys make moves on me at bars/clubs, but they just seem interested in one-night stands, which I'm not or talk to me but don't have the balls to ask me out. Do you think internet dating is a good idea for me?


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  • I think that you need to get over your past realtionship before trying dating again. You are really young and I think that it will do you some good to be young free and single for a while and at least until you get over your ex.

    You need to use this time to do the things that you want to do, go out and have fun with your friends, keep your self busy and this will help you to move on and also gives you the chance to meet someone else when you least expect it.

    A healthy relationship is when you love, trust, care and understand someone. When you are willing to do things for each other, be there no matter what and can work on any problems which you are having. If you do not have communication with your partner everyday and you spend time apart it does not mean that things are un healthy, it actually means things are going well and that you have a strong bond and trust. There are too many people in this world that forgett their friends and spend time and contact their partner 24/7 and this is not healthy.

    When you are ready to move on and have been single for a while then I think internet dating can be the way forward. Lots of people have sucess with it and I have got on well with it. You just need to remember to be careful and remember there are some people on them who lie about who they are. If you do it make sure you don't give out any personal details and if you meet with someone make sure it is in daylight and somewhere public and make sure a friend either comes with you or knows where you are and call them to let them know that you are ok.

    But from what you are saying you clearly are not ready to date again and need to have time to move on and be single.

    • I second this advice....i was in a 10 year rship...and then got divorced..after this I was extremley lost and vunerable...and slightly nieve!! so much so I internet dated and got involved with the nearest guy who said nice things to me....he served 3 years in prison for assaulting me!!! I have now been single 3 years and I am going back to university, I have a great social life and have taken time for myself...which consequently has given me time to figure out what I want frm a guy and a rship!!

    • Roxie that was really eye opening! I know the both of you are right, guess I'm looking for another relationship because of how hurt I am and don't believe anyone will be as good! Even 2 months later still love each other, We're at univeristy too, but as he's struggling and I'm finding it easy he no longer has time for me (or friends) and wanted to break up while at uni on good terms and staying friends than go on and end up hating each other because of being unhappy with the lack of time

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  • Why not? Try both if you want to be dating or get partnered up. Give yourself some space and freedom to have some fun and be something different.

    Major red flag, though, that you blame guys for not having the balls to ask you out rather than considering that it might have something to do with you.

    • Yea I realised I didn't really say it the right way, what I meant is I'm new to the dating/single world, recently started going out again and haven't quite got the confidence to start asking guys out myself just yet (I used to, I was the iniatiator with that ex). I'm in clubs and guys will try to dance with me etc but that's it, all night, it get's kinda boring if that's makes any sense :S

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  • You know that lots of people say "be careful on the internet 'cause you have no idea who or how he is in reality" ... But as long as you keep your head on your shoulders everything should be fine. And meeting in a public place with lots of people is a save way for a meeting, but you probably already know that ;P

    Then again I think that, because the internet is so much bigger, the chances of finding someone is therefore also bigger.

    i do want to add that I found my guy via the internet.

    So you can always give internet dating a chance if you feel like it.