Why would my ex ask me if I'm dating anyone new?

My ex boyfriend and I got together over the weekend just to have a bit of fun and we started talking a bout dating others. He then asked me if I was dating anyone else besides the one disastrous dating prospect that I told him about and he also asked if I was getting serious with any of the guys I've gone on dates with. He then asked me to describe what they were like.

I then asked him if he is dating anyone...he said that he has not gone on any dates yet but he has been talking to one girl, who he mentioned kind of looked like me, who messaged him first (dating website), but said that he thinks he will cancel his date with her this weekend because a) she doesn't have a cell phone and b) she seems entitled.

He also mentioned today that a girl messaged him and gave him her number.

I don't get it. He's the one that got the ball rolling with our breakup one month ago...is he asking me these questions because he wants to see if he's doing better than me as far as finding a new mate? Why do you think he's prying into knowing what my dates are like?


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  • He just want to find out how you're doing.


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