How should I show him I'm interested in him?

So there's this guy that I've liked for quite a while. He's cute, has a great personality, is a family man, and it seems like we have a lot in common. I've seen him a couple times and we've texted a few times but it's always just general small talk chit chat. He's really busy with his job. It's kinda a fluke that we met. I'd really like to get to know him more though and possibly date him. We've never really talked tho like to get to know each other it's usually just "thought you'd be interested to know" kind of things and basics like that. I don't want to initiate talking or getting together tho and scare him off and make it seem like I'm weird. Does anyone have any suggestions on how I can go about doing this? I've got his number but it was because of an activity we did together, not like he gave it to me because he wanted to get to know me more. Make sense? So, whatever I do I would text him most likely because he doesn't reply to Facebook messages very well, if at all.


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  • Hello :)

    I read what you said, and it comes down getting over that first hurdle that us guys have problems with. The first hurdle is initiating the date, and putting yourself out there.

    As you stated "I don't want to initiate talking or getting together tho and scare him off". I'll be blunt, and just say that's an excuses. Us guys use that all the time, and that's were we fall short most of the time. We're over thinking things of "if she likes us, or "if I do this, then will she get scared off?". With that in mind, why don't you want to initiate it?... And here's the thing, maybe you don't need to initiate the whole 100%. It sounds like he has no idea you like him in anyway, because it's this simple "hey, how are you", but if you made some big hints his way, then it might spark something within him. To be honest, make those hints big enough to where anyone can see, because us guys are stupid, and can't see the forest through the trees (at least some of us lol. And not to say he's stupid, but there there needs to be some hint, hint, and see what he does). If nothing happens, then I say it's either step away, and go for someone else, or put away the sexiest behavior of a guy needing to make the first move, and put forth some action, and "initiate". Anyway hope that helps :) Good luck

    • Thanks! I'm 99.9% sure he doesn't know I like him. I don't even know if he has a girlfriend. It's been almost a year since I've seen him. I'm just really nervous about texting him and sounding like a loser or pushing him away and then it being awkward anytime in the future that we do see each other.

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  • I'm not usually a fan of outright telling someone you like them, so I suggest finding out something he likes to do, a place he likes to hang out, and ask him if he'd mind if you joined him.

    • I agree with BCRanger10. He's got a good point of seeing what he likes, and then asking him if you could join. Again, it's about putting forth some action yourself, because of the issues of this guy not really knowing that you like him. But good start, and I agree :)

    • Thanks to both of you! :)

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