Giving a girl space how much is enough?

this girl I've been talking to and really like, I feel like I'm smothering her via text wise. Well I called couple days ago though she was at work(had to ignore call) understable. here's how it went.

Her: Hey I'm at work. what's up?

Me: My bad, your moves like jagger ringtone didn't go off did it? lol :P

Me:(several hours later) lol jk nah I just called to hear your voice.

Well it's been two days and she hasn't replied and I didn't text her should I wait for her to text so I don't come on as needy I really like this chick and don't wanna mess it up.


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  • I don't think she would of answered you the first time from work if she didn't like you somewhat. The fact that she's still not texting you back though isn't so good, but than again she may just be one of those girls who rather have the guy start everything first, or is just busy doing her own thing and isn't thinking too much about it. I think you should wait on texting her, but it is a kind of hard thing to tell for sure. It's kind of uncool if your the only one doing all the texting, but it does happen. I'm kind of guilty of almost never texting or calling a guy first. Normally if we talk he has to start it. I get nervous about " smothering" as well. I try to force myself if I'm interested in someone to at least try to start things first once in awhile so he doesn't feel things are always one sided and he needs to move on. Good luck.


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  • send her a text to say hi and ask how she's doing. maybe ask about making plans to do something this weekend. better than sitting around wondering what would happen if you don't.


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