We lived together for a month, now not even a text what's up with that?

this guy who I KNOW is into me flew me out to the other coast of the US (I live on the West Coast he lives on the East Coast) to stay with him for a month. When I got out there it was a wonderful trip, we had sex, he's a truly sweet guy, and I could honestly see myself spending the rest of my life with him. The one thing he won't do is a long distance relationship-to him it's either we're physically in the same place or we're not. I knew this before we slept together and had decided that because he's such a good guy (I've literally known him for years) that it would be ok.

While I was visiting we acted like a couple the entire time and I could swear he was falling in love with me. when the day came for me to leave he walked me up to security and kissed me goodbye and told me to text him when I got onto the plane. I did text him but he never responded.

he texted me late at night and asked if I got home safely, I said yes, and he claimed he never got my text when I got onto the plane to leave. The next morning I asked him to text me the pictures he had on his phone from our trip and he didn't respond to that text until this morning and only sent the pictures.

I have a strong feeling that he's mad at me but I feel like I can't ask what's wrong because I don't want to seem needy etc. especially now that we just ended things abruptly at the airport.

what do I do? and why is he acting this way?


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  • sorry to hear about this!:/ but I don't know to me it sounds like he didn't feel you like he thought he would and instead of at least having the decency to talk to you about it he just shut you out:/ whatever the case may be I wish you the best of luck)

    • i think it's an unlikely thing that he didn't like me like he thought he would, if anything I think he liked me more than he thought. but thank you for the well wishes!

  • Have you ever had a long distance ralationship before? I have, it sucks...alot, and I won't ever do it again. I would say something along the same lines as him as far as the physically in the same place or not. He's probably just keeping his guard up, so he doesn't get hurt. If he really liked you, he might be upset that you didn't stay. He did fly you across the country, and spend a month with you afterall. Nothing bad on you, just sayin it sounds like he genuinely likes you and probably wishes you would have stayed.

    Have you offered to relocate to him? Try mentioning it (if you intend to that is) and see what happens. I bet you get a response out of him

    • i have done long dist before and it does suck, so that's why I understood where he came from and that's why I'm walking on eggshells because I don't want him to think I'm pushing for that. there's no way he would relocate, he loves where he is and is hoping I'm the one who will do so. it's a good opportunity for me, and I loved it on the other coast so I told him that I would move but that I was doing it for me (which would be true). that's why I don't understand why suddenly he's so cold

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