Why do girls get offended if you ignore them after they reject you?

I don't get it.

There's a girl in Uni class with me, adorable, cute, funny, all that. Anyway, she's turned me down several times on grounds she has a boyfriend. (Even when I suggested, 'Hey, let's have lunch together at the Uni cafeteria' which I thought was just being friends.)

Anyway, she texted me with a question about class, thought I was ignoring her, and I had 7 texts from her, 6 of which were "!?" Anyway, she asked me in class, mildly exasperated, why I didn't answer. I jokingly told her later, "Look, if you send me one message, and I don't answer, I didn't see it or I'm ignoring you. Don't send a bunch!"

She just went, "Haha, that's why I send multiple, so you can't ignore."

So later I texted her and clarified, "Hey, btw: if you have a question about class, don't text me, text Elly. {Classmate.} If it's not about class, feel free to text me, k? :) "

Her: "Why can't I text you about class?"

Me: "Because I say so. :p"

Her: " :/ "

Me: "You'll get over it, lol. Goodnight."

Her: "Whatever."

Not that it wasn't very satisfying for me, but why do girls get pissy when they get a tiny rejection, even that small, even after they've rejected the guy? I didn't even say delete my number, I just told her to not text me about class after she texted me 7 times in a row.


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  • Think about her position. She has a boyfriend so she rejected you, I wouldn't get why you'd ignore her for that?

    • I feel like, if she is opposed to something as mild as having lunch at the school cafeteria, that rules out even being friends, so why put up with her being annoying? Besides, I specifically said she could text me whenever, as long as it wasn't about class.

    • Well when you put it that way f*** knows. Girls are weird

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