Complicated situation with sex, and love struck girl, please help.

I am so very horny. I need sex so badly, fortunately I think I know someone who is interested, her name is Ashley. Every day someone tells me how much she likes me. I've gone on a few dates with her over the years but after each date ends I pretty much forget about her, apparently she doesn't forget about me. She seems nice and kinda cute, but not really my type even though everyone else seems to find her attractive. It's very obvious that this girl is interested because when I bump into her somewhere she stares at me for a very long time and begs me not to leave when I have somewhere else to go...So what's the problem? The problem is I think she is boring. We get along well, but I don't see any potential for growth in such a relationship--what I want is a friendly person I can relate to, but she should still be different enough to encourage me to explore things I've never tried before and vice versa. Ashley and I are too much alike, I fear that things will become stagnant and dull. I want to date someone like me, not me exactly! That brings me to Ashley's friend Liz. I think Liz is everything I'd want in a Girlfriend sexy, outgoing, artsy etc. But she is reluctant to date me because she does not want to hurt Ashley's feelings.

Maybe I just hook up with Ashley to relive my sexual tension? Maybe that would be enough for her too...The only reason I haven't is because months ago when she tried to kiss me I thought I saw something on her lip that might be a cold sore, and I didn't want oral herpes--I haven't seen anything there recently and I'm still very horny...But I don't want Ashley to feel like I've used her.

Should I

A) Try to date Liz

B) Try to develop a relationship with Ashley

C) Find some new girls completely (time consuming...)

D) Just have sex with Ash (hit it, then quit it)

E) Fap alone in room--this is getting old


or something else
I went with E XD


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  • A all the way! you don't owe it to ashley to date her, and you definitely don't owe it to her to lead her on. good luck!


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  • A) go 4 the girl you want

  • lol I don't know If this is still a problem but you should do what your hart says lol but that’s just me and maybe moving on to a new girl will help to


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  • Either A or B. Whatever you do, DO NOT pick D. That will end badly, and also ruin any chance you may have with Liz.