What is this with us two?

Ok so I recently started talking to this guy abouta month ago. The two of us have ( I don't really know of or not to call it a date because he doesn't ) met up with each other twice so far.

The first time we watched a movie, kissed, attemped sex but we didn't and just cuddled and talked the second time was really the same. Also both time we did 'fool around'. Other than that we talk to each other everyday.

He's never been in a relationship but I have and he's so nerdy but he's cute and I really like him and I've never felt so comfortable with anybody.

I just don't know if he feels the same. And I don't really want to come out and ask him. I did get to get out of him that we are 'talking' but what exactly is that? What are we to each other? I like need to know... well not NEED to but it'd be nice to know.

So could you guys by any chance give me your opinion on this? It would be really appreciated. Thank you to anyone who responds.


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  • He really does feel the same.

    You're kind of going out.


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