Why are guys so confusing with some things?

There's this guy I work with and I haven't really noticed him until recently because I haven't really talked to him. Well anyways about 2 weeks ago we exchanged numbers. He texts me back every now and then no biggie. I texted him the other night and he texted back once and then yesterday at work

(we were very playful during our convo) just to set the mood

Him: why you texted me the other night?you got bored?

Me: yea. Why you didn't text back?

Him: oh I fell asleep

Me: yeah right heard that one before

Him: when you text me again I'll text you back

Me: yeah right

The he picked on me for the rest of the night at work.


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  • I'm glad you cleared that up with the anonymous girl at the bottom. I was wondering that too. Anyway, I think it's pretty simple. He likes you, but not enough. Ever heard of that movie? The title kinda says it all. "He's just not that into you." Simply put, it's like that.

    You're reading too far into things. I think at most you'd have a guy friend. If by some slim chance I'm wrong, then there is a tiny chance he's just trying too hard to play it cool, and slow, to not screw something up, but frankly, I don't see that as safe money.

    Harsh words, I know, but I'm saying it; He's just not that into you.

    • Haha guess I could've been more clear

      Ugh I get so tired of hearing he's just not that into you.


    • What were you expecting? Sometimes that's just how things are.

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  • No. Whatever question you intended to ask and never actually did the answer is no.


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  • Listen, if a guy likes you, a guy likes you, there's no ifs or buts.

    Guys are like girls, we like who we like and if we don't, we don't spend too much of our time on them.

    Sorry hun, mixed signals are confusing but to me it means a no.

  • OK. I'm still waiting for the confusing part. Is there a point?

    • I guess what I'm trying to say is what's the point of him asking for my number if he hardly talks to me when I text him

    • Yes! I said "no" therefore I am right. I'm a genius.