On our first date she told me she dumped her boyfriend. Good news for me?

I recently told a woman I think she's amazing and that I would love to get to know her, even though she's currently in a relationship.. She said she's also interested In getting to know me and suggested lunch. Yay!

Lunch was wonderful. We had a great time talking to one another, conversation was smooth and easy and we found ourselves laughing and smiling quite a lot. Toward the end of lunch she mentioned dumping her boyfriend of 1.5 years. I couldn't believe it. She went into some detail about why she broke it off with him... like she doesn't see them getting married, he's not marriage material, why stay with a guy when there's no future, etc. She said it was hard for her to do and she feels really bad for hurting him. She joked that Tue breakup would be so much easier if he had cheated on her or something, but he hadn't. She said she just needs to stay strong. She also commented on marriage in general, that she doesn't necessarily see herself getting married any time soon, but that maybe she just hasn't met the right guy. Our date ended with her offering me a hug in the restaurant parking lot... very nice.

Anyway, later that night I get to thinking about what she told me. She knows I'm into her (I told her to her face last week!) and she seems like a really sweet person, like she doesn't have a mean bone in her body. So was she telling me about her breakup to let me know she's available? Was she inviting me to continue pursuing her? Or was it just conversation? I didn't ask her about the boyfriend... I assumed they were still together and she just wanted to check me out real quick to see if the grass is greener.

Why do you think she told me?


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  • she doesn't have a mean bone in her body? she hurt her boyfriend she told you that,I think you should proceed w caution,what if she became your girlfriend and was having lunch with a new dude and suddenly breaks up with you and has another date with the new dude? she seems like she is looking for the bigger better deal but not being upfront and honest

    • I hear ya. It turns out she had dumped the boyfriend a few days before I even asked her out. And she made that decision on her own even though it was hard for her to do. I think my timing was just really lucky... I happened to get the nerve to ask her out right when she was becoming available.

      So let me ask you... Assuming she's not a man-eater and she really is the sweet girl I believe her to be, why would she tell me about the break-up on our first date? Was she inviting me to pursue her?

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    • Ah, good advice. Thanks, Queen.

    • your'e welcome and much luck ,keep us posted.

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  • i totally agree with Queen,

    i know a girl who I met the story was some what same , restaurant lunch hugs , made up story, FAKE NAMES , etc , these typo , I don't say she would be same like her , but in this case she was a gold digger lucky me , after few meet ups she had her iphone software issue and I got it updated , through my laptop ,

    to outta curiosity, I backed up data on my phone , the only reason for me doing that was to get closer to her, surprise here with her like of music and gifts etc.

    1) she lied she was single

    2) she lied her name (deepali)

    3) she lied about dating anyone else

    4) she lied about her religion

    5) she was sleeping with 5 or more guys + she was married

    she had already taken A car - a house - memberships - etc from all the other guys .

    i don't say that she would be a fake , but I would suggest don't show your assets before you are sure about it ,

    i know guys are like open book - there is no need to show your richness - it will attract only bitches .

    And if you like her I am sure you can wait and she can wait too, 2 get goodies from you

    Best of luck

  • probably bad news for you... cause she's likely to dump you just as easy for someone else...