Can you please advise, I was trying to date the girls lately...

it didn't pan out. long story short, after a bad breakup I became tough minded and had no problem with asking a girl for a date and she was very eager to go for a date. As I had been through bad stuff and didn't give a sh*t. Then I started to date with one girl and we were chatting every day and she was kind of playing with me - I did ask her 2 -3 times to go out with me before she agreed, every time. She was like saying yes and no. tough to get. And I became like chasing her, and began to lose my confidence in myself towards girls. Then after 6 months I gave up on her. And tried to date other girl, and she is like - maybe, I am busy, etc, sometimes eager to talk. I did ask her 3 times so far and I didn't get a positive answer, but a maybe, I am busy kind of think. Should I value myself more and to be that kind of person I used to be?


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  • You should value yourself more.

    If a girl is playing hard to get, it's not worth it.