What is it like dating, courting and marrying a Swedish lady?

Can someone please share your experiences? Whether why you stayed or broke it off with them because I hear so many negative opinions or statements about swedish women? Are they loyal? too liberal? Incapable of maintaining a long term relationship? Please share. I look forward to hearing to your experiences?

If your a swedish lady, please do tell us on whether or not these statements are true? What are your opinions in your livelihood in sweden.


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  • I don't think its where the woman comes from as much as it is the character of the woman. Women, like men, come in two main sizes, slightly flawed and heavily flawed, nobody's perfect. What you really need to assess is what is the moral character of this particular woman. If she is sound in her moral character and she has the emotional characteristics that you like, then she could possibly be a winner. If she has shallow ideologies then she definitely is not worth time effort or resources. The moral character she has will determine if she is loyal.

    Personality varies for everyone. Some women are liberal, some a bit extreme, still others who are well balanced. As you spend time with and get to know her you will be able to determine what her views are as well as how she handles certain situations.

    In terms of maintaining a long term relationship, most women want that as well, be it Swedish, American, European, African, Asian, Indian and many are capable of engaging in and maintaining long term relationships, however, make sure that you are able to give back to her what you're seeking from her in return. It has to be mutual or there will be a breakdown in the relationship.

    Therefore, you should conclude that Swedish women in many aspects are just like women from any other country. While some may not be capable of giving you all the things you desire, there will always be some within that same nationality who can give you all that you're seeking and more, the key is finding the "right" one.


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  • My opinion on Swedish ladies from the perspective of being one is that they are just as different as females of any other country ;) It's very hard to answer about how an entire gender of a entire country behaves in general. A question like "what is the general dating customs", "what is their thoughts on short/long-term relationships" etc. would be easier to answer.

    Incapable of maintaining a long term relationship sounds pretty harsh by the way, where did you get that from? o.0


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  • Dating a Swedish lady is no different from dating a lady of another race.

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