With do you think is harder: Engineering classes or dating?

This comes from a conversation I had with a frine in high school, where he (lazy-bad at maths- good with chicks) sipaid that maths are harder, while I (good student- good at maths- bad at dating-very shy) said dating is harder.

  • Dating is harder
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  • Being engineering student is harder
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  • Dating isn't as cerebral and likely requires less brainpower and more intuition. So I wouldn't say it's harder, per se. It's far less consistent and there really isn't much of a way to "be good at it" in any way that involves logic or brainpower. It's just a way of thinking.

    Furthermore, you can never get your head wrapped completely around it. There are just too many variables. One for every neuron in the brain. And heck, knowing the whole system with mathematical precision would defeat the whole purpose. You would become a computer, not a human.

    Engineering, however, is this awesome combination of creative brainpower over a logical, consistent framework. Everything works as you would expect, and it values truth over "feel-good" white lies.

    "Do I look fat in this dress? Let's find out...with SCIENCE!"

    "Results are in. I fall 2.27 standard deviations above the average with a WHR of 1.1. So yes, I'm fat."

    Numbers don't lie to you to make you feel better about yourself.

    Dating is to brainpower as a black hole is to matter. No matter how much of yourself you put into it, it still absorbs more. And even when the whole thing dissolves, you're still left with less mass than you started.

    Don't get me wrong. I love dating. But sometimes I just need to take a break and find solace in logic.

    Which one is harder to DO? Engineering class, easy.

    Which one is harder to GET RIGHT? Dating, hands down.

    • I'm guessing you aren't an engineering student.

    • I'm nearing graduation of my Engineering major and Math minor, and work in the electrical engineering department of an automation engineering firm.

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  • I'm not an engineering student, but dating should be harder. Why? because school work is objective whereas dating is subjective. For instance 1+1 will always equal 2 whereas when it comes to partners or potential partners there is no known formula that could produce results. If you work hard in school it is easier because the goal is known and all the subject matter is known and recognized. You bought roses for your ex and she loved them and now you buy roses for your current and she puts you in the dog box. Predictability in school work makes it easier than the unpredictable of the dating game

    • comparing dating with a simple math problem like 1+1 is ridiculous. You can't compare something as simple as elementary math with something as complicated as dating. I can understand you think dating should be harder, because you're not an engineering student. When you've taken math classes like calculus I, 2, and 3. You'll understand.

  • Both can be hard. And difficulty is relative.

    Both of you were right. He was right because that was what was true for him, that dating was easier. But you were also right because that is what is true for you, that engineering classes are easier.

    Both require practice, and only practice makes perfect. But some people learn faster than others.

    The thing is, if he is good at dating, is he finding many girls and then breaking up with them later, thus forcing him to date more girls, or is he very good at committing, meaning he sticks with the person of his choice for a long time? If he was good at it, would he have to keep on doing it?

  • enginnering is harder but that being said trying to enter the dating scene can be pretty tough as well . I've not normally had much success at it and at times school work was easier to accompolish than trying to land dates .

  • Getting a girlfriend much harder. Actually dating, probably much easier. Studying to become an engineer takes most of your time and it's still ridiculously hard to pass some of the courses. I study electrical engineering btw.

  • Of course Being an engineering student is harder

    I am doing Electronics and Telecommunciation Engineering and everyday is like a challenge there is so much to study and my brain is quite saturated at the end of the day...

    Hectic Schedules,Stressfull Life and Lots of Hard Work...Grind Till You Shine

    Comparatively I find Dating a lot easier :-D

  • For me, personally, being an engineering student was harder...but that's just me.

    I had to switch my major from computer science to something else! :-P

  • Both can be hard. For some dating is harder, for some engineering is harder.

  • Both are possible if you work toward it. It's kind of like saying, what's harder the piano or the guitar. It depends what you're goals are. That said, analytical chemistry is a nightmare.

  • Dating. I've done engineering classes and such, it's not so bad. And later classes might be more work, but not really "hard" like dating :|

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