What to do when you don't want a guy to give up?

So there is this guy who has be trying to meet me for a total of 9 months. We met online. I was interested in him but the way that he was trying to meet was what I felt was spontaneous and inappropriate. So in the beginning at that point, I didn't take him too seriously. He stopped talking to me then a few months later he finds me on Facebook. every now and then he'd asked me out the same way as before and I always tell him no. I also explained to him why.

To me it seem as though all he heard was no and throughout this whole time I have still been interested in him. I just want to make sure that he at least is concerned about what works for me and how comfortable I'm feeling in regards to meeting him for the first time.

Recently this past week, for some reason I feel like he wore me down. I started to really really like this guy. This week he wanted to come over my house twice and I told him no. I've never even met him in real life before...

I'm looking out for my safety but I don't think he gets it. When I told him no, I could tell that he was upset and really into his feelings. I tried to plan with him to meet up tomorrow. He told me that he has to work and he doesn't know when He will have time. I want him and I to at least have a chance to date. I have already apologized to him, but I feel like his pride is too hurt.

I don't want him to give up on me or the possibilities of what could be. I feel like we both wore each other out with this situation.

Is there anything that I can do to make this situation better? I have already tried to meet up with him. I feel like the ball is in his court...I want him.


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  • You simply have to compromise for a date, somewhere where it will not involve him coming to your house.

    Let him stick to it.

    Or if he just wants to come to your house, you simply have to drop him.

    • Thanks for the advice. :)

      I'll see what happens...

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