She won't text/call me

I met this girl online and we hit it off. We dated for 4 months and we texted each other back and forth, pretty much almost every day. We never called each other because I wasn't sure if she'd be comfortable with that. Every time we went on a date we held hands, kissed, etc.

So last Thursday we went on a date and I thought we had a great time. I told her for our next date, text me and let me know when you're free next. Then on the ride home, I texted her, "hope you got home safe." She didn't respond so I waited till Saturday then I texted her and said "hey, :)" like I usually did before. She didn't text me back.

I texted her on Monday and said, "hey is everything OK, haven't talked to you in a bit." She said, "yea, I'm alright." I texted back, "oh heard you've had a rough week, hope it's going better." Then we had some small talk and I asked if I could call her (The reason was I wanted to see what our status was, because we never talked about it but I didn't tell her why yet). She said, "I'm at work, can you call me on Friday when I'm off?" I said, "Sure."

I called her, left a voice mail to call me back when she gets a chance and no response. Then, she texted me, "hey can I call you back later on tonight? I have errands to run." and I said, "Sure. No problem." She hasn't called back yet. Should I call her again, or just break it off? It's been 2 days already with nothing.


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  • Most likely she's talking to another guy she picked up from online.

    Girls do this all the time with online dating and it's one of the many reasons why I am never going through profiles messaging girls. Girls online if they are even somewhat attractive can receive an insane amount of messages and pick up dates at will. So many girls online are flaky as hell. Worst excuse I got with a scheduled date with a girl was when one told me she had class. I'd like to know how someone can schedule a date knowing that they have class at the same time.

    Sorry to say this but move on. Hopefully you didn't invest a lot of money on those dates. There's a lot of gold diggers online who will flock from first date to first date picking up dinner dates from one guy to the next. I even had a girl meet up with me while she had another date preplanned immediately after with another guy and when I asked her about it she got insanely defensive saying "he's just a friend" when I had no intention of making her a girlfriend anyway.

  • You should call her again, or better yet, visit her.

    Something might have happened to her.

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