Ladies do you like, or would date younger men?

Ladies would you date a younger man, if he was mature, and had the qualities that you like? or do you have a thing for younger men? or like them?

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  • I love dating younger men more. Just one or two years younger. My current boyfriend is 28 and I'm 30. He's very mature and has the qualities that I like. I get asked out a lot by younger men. The older men seem to go for the younger people. A friend of my sister's who is 23, is with a 35 year old and they have a two year old together.


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  • I prefer older men. But I won't mind men who are one or two or maximum 3 years younger than me. I like men of the same age too. I don't like them really old. Not interested in men who are more than 10 years older than men. I prefer it to be less than 5 years older than me though.

  • I prefer younger men.

    • why?

    • and around what age?

    • I don't know why. I always have even at 17 I liked 15 year old guys. I don't have an age range, it is really all about the guy himself. If I like him then I like him. I met a guy last summer that was the same age as me that I was interested in but I ended up getting back together with my ex so I did not end up going for his advances in the end. My boyfriend is 13 years younger. I am not the oldest woman he has dated, he just prefers older women.

  • i prefer older men


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