Texted him thinking he wouldn't respond but he did...now I'm confused

we broke up and he told me to leave him alone for good. so I did. I'm not over him but I've finally come to terms with it and decided to text him one last time because we were together a long time (2 years) it just feels unfinished because he got so mad at me and I did what he told me to even though it was super hard. he hasn't tried to contact me since then so I realize he was serious. this was just supposed to be a kind of like a no hard feelings have a nice life thing. for my closure. I started off saying I'm not trying to talk again and I know you won't respond. I poured out all my feelings blahblahblah and ended it like I know you never loved me, and probly hate me now but you have to know that I don't hate you even though you did some bad things to me I forgive you. he didn't respond so I thought it was the end finally. then 3 days later he responds this exactly,"just got this my phone has been broke since the day before you sent it I don't hate you" why did he respond? why couldn't he just leave it? I didn't want him to say anything like he said he would if I talked to him.

i responded back to him a few days later, "just would have been nice if you could have told me you didn't love me or like me anymore, I would have let this go a long time ago and gave up on us". he didn't say anything and 4 days later I texted him again with just a ?. he texted back a few min later. we ended up texting for a few hours. basically he said he wasn't with me to mess with my feelings. we talked about what happened and why we both did what we did. he ended it by saying goodnight.
i texted him in the morning saying we should have had this convo 2 months ago but you were being immature and stubborn. All of this could have been avoided, and I'm over it. I have been wanting to get over it but you wouldn't talk to me. he didn't text back until later and he just said hey...i said hello back and asked if he got the text I sent him, he said yeah and I just said alright just checking and he didn't respond. so I don't know I think he probably wants to ease back into at least talking.


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  • first of all he didn't have to text you back but he did ...now your wondering why he text you back at all when ever he said he didn't want to talk to you . your trying to read more into it then what it is . don't think (oh he text me back and he didn't have to maybe he will talk to me again ) he text you back because what happen with you and him was a long time ago and he is very over it if not he would have got in touch with you along time ago . you text him and now that he don't have the bad feelings anymore he responded back . that's all it was. I wouldn't push it for more contact with him either . also you said you was over him but you just needed closure however when someone needs closure that's just another way of saying your not over it . we as females are SO BAD about that . we always need closer from the man even if we know deep down what it is we never trust our own feelings and our own feelings are not good enough , we have to hear it from the guy . this is the worst thing you could do after a break up . sometimes guys won't even give a reason for leaving ( happen to me before to ) you just got to trust your own feelings and not rely on someone who hurt you to bring you closure . I hope you can move on from this guy and find someone who makes you happy . I think you still care about this guy but if there is any chance of that at all let him make the first move . you have already open up the door when you text him first . just leave it alone and if he text you again then take if from there but if not then just move on .

    • u said he got mad at you and broke up with you and told you not to talk to him again , he then didn't talk to you at all after that , it don't matter why he broke up with you the point was he was done with the relationship for what ever reason , do you really want to be with someone who would just leave you like that ?

    • i wasn't thinking he was going to start talking to me again from his response. it just makes me wonder how serious he was. like I thought he'd get mad at me for textn him, but I did it anyway to get the last thoughts off my chest. for him to text me back explaining why he didn't respond immediately and that he didn't hate me confuses me. it doesn't feel final and I can't stand that. but I haven't talked to him since and he hasn't said anything else.

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  • Maybe there was just too mcuh pressure I his life at the time you broke up, and now he's past that phase and feeling able to talk toyou.

    He's signaling that he's open to your questions again, so follow up with him, try to have closure..or, if he seems willing, try to rekindle the flames!

    • UPDATe{ He doesn't want to rehash what happened before. He just wants to start over again with a clean slate.

  • Sounds like he just wanted you to know he doesn't hate you.

    • we broke up because he got super mad at me. it was a dumb fight. but he made it clear to me to leave him alone so to find out he doesn't hate me makes me wonder why we are even broken up. maybe I'm missing something

    • Actually I was in a similar situation not too long ago. I simple needed to re-evaluate what was important to me and what I needed from the people closest to me. My two cents': Give him some room, and ask yourself if you trust what he's saying to you. Leave if you don't. Were you two staying together? Perhaps you can still remain friends. It is possible to still love someone even though you know you would be better off with another partner.

    • But I'm not saying you should seek to get back with him. You two broke up for a reason and at least one of you wasn't getting what he/she needed. He doesn't hate you, and you shouldn't make him the bad guy. Friendship is perhaps the best to keep if there is anything left to salvage. Hope this helps.

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  • He just wants you to know that he doesn't feel the way you think...in terms of hating you.And that's it.But he still wants to remain broken up.

    • For goodness sake I don't even know why you continue to text him and hoping for something more.It comes off as desperate.

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