What is this guys' motive?

I met someone from school 5 months ago. We instantly became friends and text each other every day The whole day . We also hang out every week despite our busy schedules.weve been on multiple dates. We only started holding hands and kissing 2 months ago. There is no sex involved. I have met his parents and he treats me like his girlfriend around them, like hold my hand and cuddle. We both told each other how much we like each other as more than friends. The problem is he won't ask me out, so I confronted him on what we are. He said we we are dating but not in a relationship. So I said that we should not kiss and act like a couple till we figure things out. I have nothing to figure out but I think he does. He even said well, what more do you want. He is really a nice and sweet guy, but I am confused. What do I do in this situation?

P.s I think it's because he still likes a girl from back home in California


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  • You should have made it clear you want a commitment back then and ask whether he feels the same. Although now that you are reporting that you've cooled things off, I suggest that iy will be best that you be a little more subtle about it. All in all, just establish with him that you only want to focus your affection to him.

  • Simply wait for him to make a move.


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