Texting question... did I say anything wrong?

I met this girl last week. Texted very little the day I got her number. Then I waited three days and asked her how her weekend was with the bad weather we're having. She responded super fast saying "Yeah it sucked walking the dog haha." So I said "Aww what kind of dog do you have? I played outside in the sleet with mine ha ha it was so cold"

No response from her. Wtf? Did I send a bad text or what?

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Well f*** it, she finally responded haha. Only took her 8 hours...


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  • lol.There's nothing wrong with the text you sent. I wouldn't worry about it, give it some time.


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  • She was probably busy but seriously the 3 day thing is the stupidest thing I've heard of -.-

    • It's not like I consciously said "hey I'm gonna wait three days to text her." I just met her on Thursday. Randomly approached her. She doesn't need to hear from me everyday haha... I just texted her when I found a good excuse to do so

    • lol just saying for the guys that do it on purpose

What Guys Said 1

  • Not really. It must be that she's just busy.

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