Is this normal? Not sure about the way guys think! or its just him reacting that way?

I am pretty sure he likes me and so I wanted to make things a bit easier. Since we work together (MD) I wanted to take things out of the working hours. I invited him to a concert on Saturday. Since I invited him on Thursday I was sure he forgot about it. On Saturday he texted me that he has a patient. I answered- finnish and come. Ill be here until 2am for sure. I went home at about 2am. at about 2:35 he sent me a sms asking me if I'm still at the gig. I said- no, I'm at home. And he replied- OK, I'm going out now. And it was OK for me.

But today I found out that he did have a surgery Saturday evening butit lasted only until 11:45pm. And he acted strange today- half of the day he was great to me (he was very nervous and was yelling at everyone but me) and in the end he didn't even say goodbye.

My question is- why did he text me at 2:35 am if he finnished the surgery at 11:45pm? Maybe he wanted to check me out? If he just didn't want to come he could send only the first sms. and why did he react strange today? have to mention- he is 42 and single and I'm 29.0people around kind of tease him sometimes.


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  • He just want to check you out.

    Nothing wrong with that.

    That's called caring.

    • But do you think he cares as a friend or smt more?

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