Are girls with implants a lot more flirty & likely to flirt while married/dating?

Based on what I have seen, I think so. Just about all of the girls I know who have fakies flirt so much more and so aggressive even if they have a boyfriend or husband. They seem to love attention a lot more.

Why is this? I have had a few girls with implants try and have affairs with me while they are dating or married. Is it because they feel confident now from having large breasts when they were always worried about it before? They really seem to find ways to want to show them off with how they dress and how quick they are to take off their shirts, too.

Is this just me or have others noticed this?


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  • I wouldn't say there is a direct correlation between having implants and being flirty. I think implants or not, the girls you see being aggressive/flirty, even when they have boyfriends or husbands, would be that way even without the implants.

    With that said, a bit of a connection can be drawn because yes, some women get breast implants because they desire more attention. That, however, speaks of their personalities more than it does about their breasts. The implants came about as a result of their attention-seeking personality, not the other way around.

    In cases where the women aren't necessarily attention seeking, it also makes sense that women with breast implants want to dress in a way to show them off. They were unhappy with their body, made the change, and have become happy and confident. They probably didn't get implants so that they could conceal them beneath a turtle neck. This makes sense for anyone, though, not just women with implants. If you have certain features that you particularly like about yourself, you're probably going to highlight it rather than downplay it. And if these women like their new breasts, they are going to highlight them in what they wear. It doesn't mean they are being specifically flirty or attention-seeking, they are just being happy with what they've got.


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