Should I move on or allow him to continue thinking?

I like this guy with whom I work with. He has been to my house once, he told me that he liked me, I have called him at least 4 times, On 2 of the times I have called he has fallen asleep. We talked on phone for a little over 2 hours all times. I like him a lot and decided to tell him that I like him and more than a friend. also would like for him to be my first. I told him that via text message. He called me the same day in the evening he told me he was surprised and in shock. He told me I was cute and pretty and etc. we talked for a little over 2 hours then he drifted off. I just snoozed a little myself. when he woke up I asked him what is his response to what I told him (referring to him being my first), he said I will marinate on it. It has been about 5 days since I had this conversation with him. I do not want to bother him and I also don't want to beg him to be my first. Was he being rude? mocking me? already knew he wasn't interested? I tried to give him a way out by saying I wouldn't get mad just be honest if I am not your type then say so. Should I give him more time and be patient.


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  • He's not being rude.

    He's just thinking about it.

    Give him more time and be patient.

    • what is he thinking about? what could be the issues?

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  • Your first? You are a virgin in the 36-45 age group? Wow. First of all I would feel a lot of pressure if I was the guy so that's what he might be thinking about. But honestly I think he's just trying to let you down easy. 5 days is a long time, its been plenty of time for him to at least give you a response.