Have women become entitllment princess's today?

What's funny is, they claim to not be as visual as men, and blame us men for being so visual but yet women expect men to look attractive and make good money. Also they care too much what kind of job a guy has. Last gal turned me down not only said she wasn't sexually attracted to me but criticized me about my jobs. So I called her an entitlement princess, she un-friended me from Facebook. Whatever, she can burn in hell. Guys, the whole crap of women are less forgiving in looks is wrong. Women expect good looking men, its very very hard for an average looking guy to get dates unless he has money. Now average women can get dates easily, as looks are subjective. While as women, they have too high of standards and expectations,. When will women ever learn to loosen up one day? More to life than looks young ladies, something u'll need to learn


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  • Yeah, how dare a woman have standards that you don't meet. That makes her an entitled princess. All average regular men are entitled to have the woman of their choice and never be turned down ever. All women should be available to guys no matter how attractive he is or how much money he makes. No woman should ever get to prefer a better looking guy or a guy who makes more money. Their standards are just way too high. They should be happy that any ole guy decides to pay them any attention regardless of whether they find the guy attractive or not and whether the guy's income is comparable to hers or not. F***women for having standards. They need to be dating bitter average looking broke guys who feel entitled to women of their choosing.

    I totally agree with everything you said. Guys who are 5/10 on the hotness scale, make just above minimum wage with lame personalities and way too large egos should be dating hot models. It's just not fair.

    • Lol you said it, not me. Besides, we don't go after models. It's more of women going after male models. Basically, we are happy with someone okish looken that's a totally cool gal. Someone who can take care of themselves. The sad fact is, you females all want someone 8 and above looks wise and he has to make at least $60k a year. You wonder why your still single.

      Expand your minds young ladies, chances are there a a lot of great guys out there while they may not have model looks, but are cool.

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  • False, guys are far more shallow than women could ever be. FYI, you're not entitled to a woman. Grow up.

  • According guys on this website, caring about anything makes us entitled princesses,

    sure, guys are allowed to care about looks because "that's just the way we're wired" but if a girl expects a guy to bring anything at all to the table besides his "niceness" she's an entitled bitch.

    Not every girl owes you her sexual attraction, get over yourself.

    • guys are less picky with looks. We jus want someone decent looking. Its you women that expect a 8-10 looks wise and a guy that makes a lot of money. That's an entitlement princess. We guys are much more laid baxck

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    • Young lady if guys are expressing furstration on here maybe it's you women being a tad bit too picky. Sorry but women truly are more picky with guys looks than vice versa. I haven't had a Date in years. I'm sorry we all don't make the required money you expect us to make. And I'm sorry we don't look like Channing tatum. Women are the ones at fault of why guys struggle to meet women. Women are just too picky and are all or nothing types. Guys have to look good. While a women can just look ok.

    • Eh women are just too shallow. They don't know agood thing anymore. Who knows when they learn.

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  • I don't think so. I believe that women still would like the same gap between partners as the previous generations. With equality and sexual liberation, many women have caught up with men and become more educated, successful etc. In the past us guys could get away with being average because women weren't equal to us. They weren't judged on a smilar scale. For the most part guys hacven't advanced much, but women have and are now comparable to guys. Women haven't taken into account that most guys are now equal to them, but insist on having guys where the difference is the same as their predecessors. Now instead of the average man attracting the average woman, the average woman wants the above average guy in order to keep that gap. The reason it may seem entitled is that the number of above average men is few and if average girl insists on above average guys it looks wrong. More girls and guys need to just accept that they are average and that the only thing they should ever insist on is someone equal to them.

    • True that bro! I think its more of women that are problem in todays dating age. Many average guys are left in the dust cause shallow women want male models

  • Well, you just met the wrong type of woman.

    Not all women are like that.