Is it bad if I like this girl my friend is hanging out with?

I think she is so pretty is this wrong or is that normal.


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  • well first off let me say you've got a great way with words.

    most guys would of said hot or cute.

    most guys who say pretty really like the girl.

    so I'd say go for it.! :)

    • Well I don't plan on asking her out or anything I just think she is pretty and I am kind of jealous about it.

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    • Is that a question?

    • No there's nothing wrong with being jealous if you think she's pretty then okay.

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  • Absolutely normal :) Just let your friend know before you do anything, just in case there might be some tension in your relationship if it's not out in the open.


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  • Okkk my best friend just did this to me and asked a girl I hang out with all the time to prom... I kinda liked her and yeah so I'm just letting you know you need to have a serious talk with him and corner him to get it out of him. I told my friend it was fine if he took her to prom and its been hurting me for the past coupple weeks and made it really awkward around all three of us... and the worst part is he doesn't even know yet. So you need to tell him or get him to tell you either way.

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