Girls: Why Doesn't She Text Anymore?

Long story short: I met this amazing girl in school a few weeks ago and asked for her number. We've been texting back and forth for about 2 weeks, sometimes she texts first and other times I do. But for the past week, she just totally stopped texting first. So I'd always initiate the conv, and then it goes like usual. She's chatty and it's all good. It's really weird though, being the first one to text all the time now. Even though she's chatty and talks when I do initiate it, I feel like me always texting first is bugging her. So, I just stopped all together for the past few days. I still see her in class and we talk and have a great conversation though, it's very odd.

Should I keep texting first every other day or so, or just stop all together and only see her in class?


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  • She probably got bored. I'm gonna be honest, I've met cool guys and had lots of text convos but over time it just ends up getting stale and things fall off. Texting is fine, but I lose interest when all our correspondence is through text and not in person. I want to go on dates and see the guy, not just text him all the time.

    • Definitely, thanks for the insight! I asked her out when we first started texting, and she said that she wants to get to know each other more first. That was about 3 weeks ago, think it's time I ask her out?

    • Oh, and I do see her a couple times a week in class and we chat it up and have good conversation. I really want to avoid falling off, but I also don't want to rush things.

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  • You should ! The guy I have a crush on always text me first, if he doesn't I get mad inside and thinking what's wrong and is he talking with other girls. I think she's just waiting for your message, cause she knows you'll write her anyway if you wont, she will text you but she will think that you forgot her :))

    • Sweet thanks for the advice! I texted her yesterday but she didn't write back, she did smile and say hey in school today though. When I very first got her number, I asked to take her out and she said we should wait to get to know each other better first. We don't text as often now and it feels like it's dying out. Do you think enough time has passed ot ask her out again? Thanks again for your advice!

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  • I agree with the every other day idea. But the question is who ends it. If she does then you might be bugging her. If you do then she might just not think about it that much and forgets.