What do you think about OKCupid?

Hey there :)

So, I basically heard of POF and OKCupid here on GAG. And out of curiosity, I joined to see what its like to be part of it. I'm Single, so there's nothing to worry about.lol Anyway, POF wouldn't recognize my IP address (and POF was my first choice) so I joined OKCupid.

So, any feedbacks about OKCupid? Suggestions? Advice? Opinions? Warnings?lol

Thanks. :)

THANK YOU GUYS. And that's with caps. And thanks for warning me about those creeps and trolls lol. Haven't stumbled with any of them yet. Thank goodness!


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  • I would email OKCupid to find out what is going on. It could be a bug on their site that they are unaware of.

    I've been on both OKCupid and POF. I have met people from both sites and have had relationships from both sites. Each site has it's advantages and disadvantages.

    OKCupid The good:

    -It's got a lot of quizzes, so you can get a really good idea of a person's interests, relationship styles, quirks, good and bad habits, etc... before even getting to meet them.

    -You have the ability to send and receive messages as well as instant messages

    -I like the layout of the site, I also like the ability to customize the profile headings

    -OKCupid is growing in popularity. I've been on and off the site over the last few years and I have seen it's user base grow. When I first joined there were very few Canadians, now there are tons!

    OKCupid the bad:

    -Depending on where you live, the user base could be very small.

    -Some people don't take advantage of using the quizzes or answering questions. It makes it hard to get any idea of what they are like.

    -The questions are great, but they are very subjective. Someone can answer a question and have a different idea of what was being asked, so while you might think they are compatible, they may actually not be on a lot of questions.

    POF the good:

    -POF is one of the biggest free dating sites out there

    -It's got a simple layout, very basic

    -Meet me feature is pretty good (it gives you exposure to more people, and is an easy way to flirt with people)

    -Depending on where you live, some users will actually organize meet up events, so it can be quite interactive

    POF the bad:

    -There are a lot of people on the site that are either not serious, or just looking for hookups :P

    -The Instant message feature doesn't work for me (I find it to be a bit tough to use) I think the layout could be a bit better as well

    I have been on both at the same time too. So I don't think it can hurt to make two profiles. If you find one site sucks, you can always delete your profile :)


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  • the matching system is pretty neat - with the questions and everything.

    but, you're still limited in exposure to only those guys who troll every dating site. You're sure to get many guys looking for a hookup. If that's your thing, welcome home! Otherwise, ready thy delete button..

  • OKCupid is a decent one. There are genuine profiles and especially for U.S people, you have lot of options, I believe. For my country, options are not that great. I mean, there are not much of a population from my country. All in all, it's a decent site for a free service.

  • OKCupid is what it is. It's a good place to meet guys (though not the best) but it has some flaws.

    If you're a woman, you're gonna have to deal with lots of messages from guys that are creepy, pervy, married, boring, uneducated, anti-social, horny, or players. But if you give it patience, you'll find that 10% of the guys on there will be interesting, attractive and worth your time.

  • It's just fine like any other dating sites.

    Though, you should just go out and date guys in the real world, and not people who "hides" behind their computers.


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  • My friend met her fiance on OKCupid. I've never tried it but seems ok.