My is so confusing! please help! why keep my stuff?

My ex of 6 years broke up with me 2 months ago. He broke up with me over text, I know... Lame! Anyway, he won't talk to me on the phone or meet up, but he texts me back. I tried not texting him for a while. Since he didn't give me a chance to talk to him after or about the beak up, I wrote him a letter, and mailed it. He never acknowledged it. I went on a limb & made a dedication on the radio for him yesterday. He's always polite when he responds to texts. I ask him how he is & he always says "ok" or "ehhh, I'm ok" . I am close with his sister so no, there is no other woman, she also told me a month after the break up my things and pictures were still up in his room. Like I said, its been 2 months & he still hasn't returned my things, lots of things! Why keep my things but not be able to talk to me!?

Background info. He's left me 3 times before when he gets freaked out & always comes back to me. Before we broke up we were putting in offers on houses & looking art rings. Then we started fighting about little sh*t, mostly my fault... I just want to say sorry. I want him to come home! Please help Me.


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  • Good god. Just leave him alone already. Why waste your time with him?

    • because I know what I did wrong & I've made like a zillion positive changes & I'm super happy with who I am now and I do love him very much. we've broken up before he knows better than anyone that he'll never find a better girl than me. we made all these plans and had a future planned out and as soon as I graduated from college he bailed I don't know if its because he wasn't where he thought he'd be in his career or what. Does anyone have any insight on why he would keep my sh*t? or leave my sh*t up?

    • Probably because he doesn't think about returning it. Or he's a jerk.

  • He must be gay to break up with u... wtf.


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