Should I send her this message

I think most people can send texts and photos but I think some phones also allow sounds to be sent, without actually calling the person. It's been 4 weeks (a month) since I met my crush and I was thinking about sending her a recording of my voice (since she's 3000 miles away) and she hasn't heard it since we first met because we're usually texting. Now I get what you might say, "why don't you just call" well, there's a complicated story with, should I send her this message I recorded, do you think she'll like it

Also, she told me she didn't want to talk on Sunday because she was having a bad day so I let her be but she said she would "text me soon". It's now Tuesday. I don't want to seem needy

nevermind, I went ahead and did it..I hope she replies


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  • If your voice sounds AWESOME on the phone. (There's a lot of difference in our voices when we talk personally and on phone). She'll fall flat there and then! xD

  • You should really send it.

    Now wait for her reply.