Ever worried about something for no reason?

I know this might sound like a dumb and obvious question, but let me explain.

My mom is going through a mid-life crisis and is now dating someone completely wrong for her. They met online. He lied to her about his name for the first 3 months they were together. He never picks her up for dates. She always goes to him. He takes complete advantage of her being a pushover. Everyone sees it but her. We try to talk to her, but she's unhappy unless she's with him or about to go see him. It has destroyed my relationship with her and my 3 siblings' relationships with her too. He boyfriend knows this, but doesn't seem to care at all. She stopped talking to her only friend. She barely talks to her parents.

They've been together for 4 months and I pray every day that they break up, but it doesn't seem to be happening. She told my younger sister that he's looking for houses they can move into together. And now I'm really worried.

I hate seeing my mom be so blind to this idiot all because she's scared she'll never find another man. She thinks he's God and it makes me sick to see this side of her. She is so stupid and selfish now.

My grandma told me my mom has a history of getting involved with the wrong guys and that I just need to wait it out and wait for something to happen that tears them apart. But it still makes me sad because it sucks that I can't have a normal conversation with my only live parent all because she's stuck on this idiot.

So, is my grandma right? Should I just not worry and just wait for it to end? Or do I have something to worry about?


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  • sounds to me like you should print off what you wrote and show her. she can't interrupt a letter!

  • Your grandma's right.


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