How can someone treat me the way that they did?

I slept with this guy a couple of weeks ago, and I knew what it was...a one time deal. But we were some what friends, talked and got along. This past weekend he texted me around one am drunk, but that's okay we always seem to talk late at night..anyways he invited me over the next day to hang out and watch tv. So I said sure and I would see him in the morning. He texted me that moring saying he was too hung over to hang out that morning, but to text him when I was done my errands later on (understandable). Anyways the day passes and I finally text him to see if he wants to hang out...nothing..text him again saying I will head home if you don't want to hang out...nothing. I finally call, no answer. 5 min later he sends me a text saying "I am hanging out with my friends" so I ask him "Why did you even invite me then?" and he responds "Cause I was drunk, and didn't know what my plans were for the day" so I said "you did this morning, but w/e, just leave me alone and find someone else to text drunk" and he sainf "sounds good" which really upset me so I ended it with saying "you're such an ass". I haven't spoken to him since, but I saw him twice at my university today and I know he saw me but didn't acknowledge me. I know what you are thinking..I was just a bang, and I know I was but it makes me sad that he has that LITTLE of respect for me, that he would invite me over and then not tell me he was cancelling and not give two sh*ts he flaked!

He sent me a text last night asking if I was mad, I ignored him. WHY is he still talking to mee?!


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  • Welcome to the hook up culture!

    You're not a guy who can sleep around with whatever moves around without any consequence. You're expecting respect out of a one time deal? Well, the good news is that hopefully you'll not make the same mistake again.


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  • that's the point of a one night stand

    to not be emotionally attached to the other person

    that's what a relationship is for

  • He's not worth it.

    You shouldn't associate yourself with him.


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  • Well, you knew it was a one time thing so you knew in back of your mind that this was going to happen. In my opinion, I don't respect guys that are only in it for the sex, so you shouldn't expect him to give you respect. You should just move on and not waste your time on him anymore.