Should I confront him about using online dating sites?

I was living with a guy I like for a month and he considered us to be in a "relationship" even though to me it was more like friends with benefits. We were sleeping in the same bed, sleeping together, the whole thing.

One day I turned over and caught him looking at a girl's profile on an online dating website. I asked him about it, feeling disrespected, and he said it was just junk mail he was going through, even though he was actually looking at the girl's profile. he immediately offered to delete the other online dating site app he had on his phone and claimed that his sister signed him up for these sites and they still send him mail, though he's not a member anymore.

after we lived together, I left to move back home for a short period of time and was planning on moving to be with him. he said that he couldn't see us in a relationship and that he can't commit to any relationship (with ME) and I just found out that not only is he still on the dating sites but he's an active user of them.

it's so strange to me because he's NEVER had a relationship before (and he's about to be 25) and has only had sex a total of 3 times with two people before I came out to visit him. So I never took him as the "player" type because he's also shy.

I feel so disrespected by his behavior, and the fact that we've barely even talked since I left and now he's actively on these dating sites (and most likely was when I was with him). makes me feel even worse.

Should I confront him about it? What can I do? I just feel so disrespected by him in every way


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  • You should confront him.

    Joining online dating sites could lead into cheating. somehow.


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  • Since it wasn't established that you two were dating I wouldn't confront him. He wasn't trying to hide it so I don't think he meant any disrespect, he wasn't really hiding it. Like you said, you two were more fwb.

    But if it does bother you you should talk to him. Just explain your feelings.

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