Should sudden quietness worry me?

I have this amazing girlfriend of 2.5 months now. We started off so HOT and heavy. compatible in everyway. First our amazing long correspondence's, then our sexy texts. Then we started hanging out all the time. we met each others family's including last weekend met more of her extended family. Her daughters love me too. She has a great job and tires her out a lot.

Our sex life is amazing she says all her friends are jealous and when the see me will look at me like a piece of wanted meat, lol.

As I am writing this I'm feeling better about my concerns but recently she doesn't text or call much at all when we are apart. Not like it was at the beginning. I know the goo-goo-ga-ga stage is over. But still. we could go all day if I didn't send one. The conversations are not as detailed as much any more. I do worry but also realize that time apart is good too. I have been hurt bin the past but she doesn't bring suspicion just caution. nothing she did or does when we are together which is usually 4-5 days out of the week together. laughing , less talking though now thinking about it. lots of cuddling and going out to eat and family functions and great sex.

why am I worrying about the contact being less?


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  • The best thing you can do is communicate with her. This is a common issue I see in the dating scene today. So many times we are left in the dark trying to find things when meanwhile the light switch is right in front of us. It's just a matter of using it... So, If you want to know where her head is then just ask her. I mean I don't recommend you approach the topic aggressively but very gently say "hey I haven't heard from you as much" and see what she says... Use open ended questions or statements and take it from there.


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  • It could just be because of honeymoon phase is tapering off. Or she could be super stressed and have a lot going on in her life right now. I know when I get stressed, I can tend to shut others out a bit more, or I avoid people when I'm really crabby so I know I will not be rude or blow up on them when they didn't do anything wrong.


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  • You shouldn't worry about it.

    There's no reason to be. Just contact or pay her a visit.