Is she an attention seeking fake?

Ok I've been chatting to this girl through a social network site, we have swapped pics and have been messaging each other through the site only for a year. I tried going through the number swapping route 3 months after swapping and she agreed, but she was very responsive when I tried to text her and we agreed to stick to the site we have been chatting in. Anyway, a year down the line her replies tend to take longer and may only be a few lines. She still only calls me an online buddy and there is no effort to talk outside the site. I know for a fact she talks to other guys too, but that doesn't effect me too much as I don't have feelings for her. Anyway, she kind of seems to nice to be true. Again she has sent me pics but my gut instinct is saying she is an attention seeker who is just using me and other guys online for attention.

Would any of you think she may be a fake?


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  • Of course I would think the chance she is fake is there. But at the end of the day, if you don't want any more out of the relationship than you currently have - and have not given her any money...why worry about it?

  • This is why online date sites blow. I like the real world better