Any ideas for a "first date" ?

I've already been throw a friends with benefits relationship and I don't want it again.. But I guess I am the person that doesn't learn from mistakes and I invited a guy to my house for a first date, for a sleepover... Now I don't really know what am I gonaa do with him.. could someonegive me some tips maybe?


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  • Apparently.

    You should cook some dinner, and play some board games.


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  • Hey, there's nothing wrong about wanting sex. It's totally natural, OK? Had you wanted a relationship, you'd have set the date location in a coffee shop or restaurant.

    Please, have condoms at home and use them. Enjoy!


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  • Well, that's going to throw him off...but I guess you can make dinner, watch movies, sit out and chat, play some video games, bake, I don't know.

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