Why is it easier for older men to go after teen girls?

I was curious to know if anyone knew why dating teenagers was easier for a grown man than dating a female his own age. Oh, the same goes for female adults with boys as well.

So far, I know low estem is one factor. they feel oblige by giving sexual favors because they don't want to lose someone put up with them.


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  • It's not as easy as you may think. I'm a 40+ year old man in college and believe me, NONE of these teen freshmen girls would even give me the time of day regardless of my maturity or experience. To approach or attempt to socialize these ratlings risks many troubles.

    Why do older men approach younger women? Because we want some and we are bound to get it one way or the other by whatever means necessary. The power of the p**** overwhelms logic and reasoning. Something about tight skin and youthful energy normally wins over wrinkles, obesity and slower paced practicality.

    Why do you think girls like older men? Simple: materialism. Unless you know an 18-year old rich kid, older men usually have the following: car, house, job, money. Most of the boys I see in college may have those things but not by their own efforts: mommy gave it to them. Maturity has some factor but it depends on the man himself. I know plenty of idiots my age who are as immature as they were thirty years ago. However, older men are normally more mature.


    18yo brat: Hey babe, let's go to this bar I found this weekend!

    38yo man: Hey love, where in the country do YOU want to go this weekend?

    It's easier to appeal to younger women, but not always. Look at me: I can't get a young woman's interests even if I kidnapped her family and put a gun to her head! Know what happens? The young girl points a machine gun back at me! Guess who loses that standoff?


    • Lol WHAT?! Of course no girl would ever want a 40+ man. That's their parents' age. 30 is the maximium age most girls would go for (unless he's like Leonardo Dicaprio).

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    • Ok, NOW you specify the underage thang. Almost a different argument. So the question is: Why do men go for underaged girls? Answer: pressure. Think of all the older girls who reject men for an infinite reasons. After about ten thousands no's, here comes vulnerable underaged girl who's flirty and perhaps willing. Now THAT is pressure and not all men have the wisdom or discipline to turn away this trap. Sad. But true. The good news is the older the man, the better the discipline

    • I didn't specify because 18 year olds, aren't considered teenagers by most. They're just consider Young Adults or college students.

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  • Generally, it all depends on the age gap. If the guy is in his 30's or 40's, he may have a thing for younger girls, especially if his experiences with women in his peer group didn't go well. Older women are equally, if not more experienced than the teen girls are and can smell BS from miles away. The feeble minded and timid guys may feel threatened by that, especially since most women within their peer group won't buy into their schemes and games.

    For this type of guy, the younger women will seem ideal because they lack the experience and can't smell the BS right off. Quit often, they will actually see it as a sign of prestige that they have an older guy which will actually make them play right into his hands. Generally though, these relationships don't last for too long. The young girl will learn quickly of his behaviors (usually deceitful, manipulative and controlling) and decide that she doesn't want to be a part of it. In essence he gives her first lesson and she is well on her way of gaining experience as the women who preceded her.

    Other reasons besides the younger girls thinking the older guy is mature is the status as well as many of them are more financially stable than the younger male peer group. They feel the older guy can take them places, give them money and they can get gifts since the older guy has a tendency to try and buy her affection

    Of course you did touch upon the low self esteem issue, but some of these guys actually have a controlling and manipulative behavior and find that its much easier for them to manipulate the younger teenage girls than it is the women in their peer group. Of course this is a destructive and repulsive behavior which isn't widely smiled upon by the rest of us in society but as long as there are these type of guys, this behavior will continue...unfortunately.

  • Young girls are young guys are SO easily lead on. You give them an inch, and they will take a mile.

    But if you look at situations like these deeply, its all about human nature and that constant need to experience things. Seniority can provide a youngster his/her lack of experience. When we are young, we are wild and we usually got that YOLO mode going on.

    But when we are adults and mature, we are calm, and every decision we make we do it through weighing options rather than just saying "f*ck it, lets do it".

  • Because they can control the other person. They have failed in relationships with thier peers so they go after those they can easily exploit. They are predators.

  • It is easier for an older person to go after a younger person, because the older person has more experience, while the younger person is relatively inexperienced. Unfortunately, this inexperience can lead to the younger person being taken advantage of without his or her knowledge. If the older person is not taking advantage, and is indeed in love, then the older person also knows more tricks and things about relationships, which make it worthwhile to the younger person.

  • apparently 'older' men are considered more 'mature' for teen girls.

  • Probably because young girls are easier to fool, they aren't as smart as older women, and they are more easily impressed by things.

    Also, some young girls take it as a compliment or something - they think there must be something worldly wise about themselves, to attract this older man. It never seems to occur to them that he's a perv and a creep.


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  • because they automatically look up to you and assume you are something great and special. I always looked up to the older guy I dated but in hindsight he was a jerk and probably just couldn't attract a woman his own age. it's often a lack of maturity. I DO like older men but truth be told a lot of them date younger girls because the younger girl doesn't expect as much from him since he's ahead of her in life therefore she atuomatically looks up to him and respects him more.