Followup question about this girl I like..

Well, I asked a question about this girl that I never really have the opportunity to talk to because when we see each other in the halls she is going to class and I'm also going to class. She usually gets out of class before me, so before I can get out and say something, she is long gone.

Because of this, I wrote her a letter and one day when it wasn't many people in the hallways I just said hey and gave her a letter expressing how I think she's very pretty and how I would love to get to know her and take her out. I also put my number in the letter. Well, that was about 2 and a half weeks ago.

She hasn't texted me or anything. Today, she was listening to music but when she passed by me she took the earphones out and very shyly smiled and said hey. It caught me off guard so I probably was looking crazy :-/. So I was like Hey, what's up.

Is there anything to this? And if so, why hasn't she texted me? I had given up on the quest but she has got my mind wondering once again. I want to at least be a friend.


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  • You should start talking to her.

    She likes you a lot. Don't let her chase you. Chase her.

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