Ask me or am I being delusional?

So I have been dating this wonderful guy about a year now. I have meet his parents, his friends, we always hang out and everybody knows that we are dating. The dating has been so good that I have almost forgot that we are only dating, and we are not official. . Lately his been giving me small hints about it, let me give you the hints.

1. want me and him to be alone.

2. cook food for me.

3. he says the news he is gonna give will make me happy and super glad.

4. because that day (Friday) was the day we meet he wants to give the new exactly that day.

5. when he talks about it he gets red, sweats, heavy breathing and his heart races.

Is he gonna to ask me to be his girlfriend or am I just delusional? :)

we are togheter now!


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  • Irishhelen,

    As Werner Heisenberg observed, "It is hard to predict, especially the future."

    With that in mind, the signs look good that he is going to do what you hope he will.

    Best wishes to you and being a couple.



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