Why did he stop texting me all of a sudden? Did I do something?

So I've been talking to a guy for about three months. Technically one month does not count because he went to some military training and could not use his phone. He texted me everyday. He usually texted me first but the last couple of times I texted him first. We've been on two dates and he kept on texting me after the second date. But it's been a week and he hasn't texted me. I've been waiting for him to text me first since I was the first to text him the last couple of times and nothing!

The weekend after our second date he never finished our text conversation because he got drunk with some friends. The day after he texted me apologizing for not finishing the conversation and he said that it was rude that he didn't finish the conversation. And everything went back to normal the next day. Is he waiting for me to text him again even though I started the last couple of conversations? The difficult part is that he's a nice guy so he will always reply to anybody's texts no matter who it is.


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  • I'll divide my answer into two parts: why didn't he text you? and what should you do.

    Why didn't he text you? Well, there could be plenty of reasons why and only he knows why. Most importantly there could be no reason at all and that you're making a big deal out of nothing. :) We, girls, are so emotional and feel the need of attention and love from the guy we are into/in love with. I understand that. But, we also need to understand that different people think differently and so we should put ourselves in other people's shoes. So, anyway, the reasons could be:

    1) He has been busy this week. Guys get caught up in things and forget about different stuff. They like to get inside their caves and do what they gotta do expecting no interruption from anyone even from the people they love/care for. So, maybe he had a family emergency or he needs to deal with some problem at work or the like and calling you/texting you isn't something on his mind right now. This doesn't mean that he doesn't care. People think differently, is all.

    2) He doesn't have a certain something to say, so he expects you to start texting. He doesn't think that it should be him who has to start texting. He thinks whoever has something to say should start.

    3) He lost interest. Sometimes people feel excited at the beginning of the relationship and then the curve of excitement goes down. So, he isn't keen on keeping intouch with you. But, he will reply if you sent him a text because he's a decent guy who has manners as you said.

    As to what I think you should do? I think you should go ahead and text him. Make sure everything is OK at his end. It will make him feel that 1) You care 2) You aren't the type of girl who expects the guy to do everything and start everything.

    If you notice a pattern later on that he doesn't text/call or that he doesn't make effort to keep intouch with you, then forget about him. But, first, you have to give him and yourself a chance before jumping into conclusions. You still didn't get to know him well.

    Hope this helps. :)

    • Thanks! I'm going to give it another couple of days to see if he texts and text him on Sunday. It's really odd that he's doing this. But I'll take it by ear and see how he responds when I text him.

    • Wise girl. :)

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