How to start dating this shy girl?

ok well I work at a school as a cleaner. I used to go to school with this girl that is now a teacher where I work. she's really cute and I think she thinks the same way about me. I caught her checking me out one day twice! she gave me the bedroom I never called her on it though. after that she acted all awkward around me. but I act as if nothing happened. iam still just being me, nice, say hi whenever I see her, smile. iam just debating whether I should ask her on a date and just see where things go if we can be friends outside of work or something more. her mom also works at the school and knows me some what if that matters at all and her dad lol. also I remember one day I said hi and she got all flustered and stumbled over her words and blushed, after walking away quickly haha. she's such a cutie pie, but likes to give off a tough exterior to her students, really turns me on.

do you think I should ask her out?
i really want to but there's the side that fears rejection


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  • well what's love without risks? I would say build up a conversation with her. something small like how are you? how're your classes going? than say I was wonder if maybe sometime this week you wanna get lunch. than go on from there. but don't be afraid of rejection. we all go through it, it's a part of life and you never know unless you try! good luck!


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  • jesus you guys are dam cute I love that you know her parents haha

    bedroom eyes~ now you know its legit lol

    we regret the chances we didn't take so yano definitely ask her out and have fun with it


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  • You should really ask her out.

    She's interested.