Would you accept an apology without an explanation? Would you date them again with no explanation?

Say you dated someone you liked very much , who ended up behaving coldly and ended things with no explanation.

Say they don't want to discuss what was going on as its personal and you guys don't know each other very well, but they are sorry. they still like you very much, and they would like to start over.

Would you believe that?

Or would you think they just were not into you and now they are so they are making up reasons so they do not come off looking like a jerk.

If you believe them, would you be willing to start over, or would you have lost trust / respect for them, and not want to persue anything again.


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  • @Would you believe that?

    Depends upon what kind of personality the girl I dated, is. If I believe she's a honest person or a person who tries to put deep values to her important actions, I will believe her, but with a tinge of doubt, negligible enough to comfortably accept her ambiguity. But, if she gives out a pattern of ambiguity in the forthcoming times of the relationship, I might doubt her intentions. But, just for one time, I don't mind if she doesn't want to discuss what was going in her at that time, provided she a honest person in my perception.

    • I agree, I think if your behavior is clearly different. this is much more valuable then an indepth detailed apology then no sign of change.

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