Should I wait for my boyfriend to contact me first?

Yesterday me and my boyfriend got into a argument over something silly and dumb. The reason it escalated was because of him. I called him to talk about how I was feeling and I just wanted some comfort and to vent. I was sad about something that had nothing to do with us or him. I was expecting to be comfort and soothed but instead he had an attitude and was cursing for no reason. I was already sad about something so this just made it worst. He just had an attitude and said mean and hurtful things to me.

All of this just made me feel worst. I didn't feel comforted or better at all. At the end of it all I felt even worse due to how he was acting and the things he said. I don't understand why he acted like that. I don't know if he was on his man period or what but I did absolutely nothing to him. I simply called to get comfort and to vent about a personal issue.

He started to get really heated so I hung up on him because I refused to talk to him while he's being rude and mean like that. A few hours later he texts me apologizing for everything that he did and how he hurt my feelings. He said he didn't mean to do that and he loves me to death. I thought that was nice of him to apologize but I was too upset to reply to him yesterday. So this morning I replied with a text telling him I appreciated his apology but there was no reason to talk to me like that or be mean to me and hurtful. I also told him that I'm still upset and my feelings are still hurt but I wanted to at least reply to his text because that is the mature thing to do.

he hasn't replied to my text yet. Should I just wait until he calls me and texts me back? I don't feel like I should call him first since he's the one who was mean and rude to me. I don't feel like I should text him again either since he still hasn't replied to the text I sent this morning. Should I with for him to call me and contact me?


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  • You should just wait for him.

    Let him know that what he does is taking a toll in your relationship.

    • Yea I don't like how he's been acting the past 2 days. He sent me a text saying he was sorry but I hink I deserve more then a text. I don't like arguing so I call and text him trying to talk about it but he ignored me all day today. But I saw that he was on Facebook today and followed someone on twitter. So I know he saw all my calls and texts. I don't get how you can be sorry for something but ignore me the next day. It doesn't make sense and I don't like it. I'll just wait for him to call me.

    • But when he does I'm not going to let him off the hook that easy. He really hurt my feelings the other day and now today he ignores me the whole day, I don't think that's acceptable.And I think I shouldn't just let him off that easy. I think I should require more then a simple sorry.

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